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If you are looking for a club somewhere, you have come to the right place! Here you can enter a city and state, or a ZIP code, and you will get a listing of all clubs within a distance you specify.

If you have any problems with this tool, contact the of AMA District VIII.

Please note that the Club Contact information is maintained by AMA Headquarters, and any corrections for the Club Contact should be directed to them at .

However, all other information, such as club URLs, e-mail contacts, etc., are "value added" by the , and corrections should be directed his way.

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Clubs are normally associated with the ZIP code of their club contact. However, in District VIII we have been collecting the GPS location of the club fields and including them in the Club's listing. If a club has registered the Lat/Long of their field, it will be used in place of the Club Contact's ZIP code. If you know of a club field GPS Lat/Long that are not listed, please send them to

The "location" of a ZIP code is defined as the "center" of the ZIP area, that is, the average of the easternmost and westernmost longitude, and the southernmost and northernmost latitude.

The location of a City will be the average of the locations of all ZIP codes assigned to that city name.


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