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San Antonio Prop Busters Fly-In
Oct 22, 2016

Southeast Texas Warbird Rally
Oct 28, 2016
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North Alliance Military Fly-In

by Olen Rutherford   August 28, 2016

August 8-9, 26 people from district eight including pilots and families attended the North Alliance Military Fly-In in Owatonna, Minnesota. People started arriving as early as .....

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National Model Aviation Day

by Ed Valls   July 27, 2016

Hello everyone. I would like to remind all of you in the San Antonio area of the National Model Aviation Day Fly-In. This year the AMA has chosen to donate the proceeds to the .....

Fly-In / Fun-Fly

Alvin RC - 26th Big Bird Fly In

by Benny Behrens   July 20, 2016

On Saturday July 16, 2016 the Alvin Radio Control Model Airplane Association (ARCMAA) held its 26th annual Big Bird Fly In and 12th annual Swap Meet. This event was rescheduled .....

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Show-Me Warbird Invitational of Missouri

by Olen Rutherford   July 16, 2016

The Show-Me Warbird Invitational on June 18th is sponsored by Steve Forrest. It is a fly-in to raise money for the Central Missouri Honor Flight for veterans of World War II, .....

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Vice President Email

by Lawrence Harville   June 28, 2016

DONT use the link to email me-Lawrence Harville-the link does not work


Fly-In / Fun-Fly


by Olen Rutherford   June 25, 2016

SMALL, is a fly-in for all kinds of things to fly with engines-motors up to 25 size. From flying saucers to dinosaur period pteranodons, F-F, u-control and RC, they do it all. .....


LA Aeromodelers (Los Alamos NM)

by Brian Regan   August 2, 2016

Once a month or more the LA Aeromodelers get together on the weekend to fly. I was sent these pictures of some of the members. I have flown with them and had a great time. I hope .....

Last Flight

Tim Haskins June 2016

by Benny Behrens   July 25, 2016

Tim Haskins, long term member and Officer of Alvin RC Model Airplane Association (ARCMAA) passed away in June of 2016. Tim was an old fashion kind of modeler which included kit .....


Alamo RadioControl Society (ARCS) Swap Meet

by Ed Valls   July 17, 2016

On Friday, July 9, I had the pleasure of attending the ARCS Swap Meet held in San Antonio. The event was well attended and ARCS should be very proud of the event. The following .....

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Warbirds Invitational Over Arkansas

by Olen Rutherford   July 16, 2016

The Warbirds Invitational over Arkansas Fly-In from June 9-12th was sponsored by Tom Hammer and organized by Dale Lacander. Tom has a very nice flying field located in the .....


2016 ARCC Scale Meet

by Brian Regan   June 26, 2016

I just got home from ARCC's scale meet here in Albuquerque. There was over 30 pilots and lots of planes. Rick, Keith & Vic did a great job. They had help during lunch from.....

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Cecil Veneble Momorial Fly-In

by Olen Rutherford   June 25, 2016

May 30th the Flight Masters model airplane club hosted the annual Cecil Veneble Momorial Fly-In. The event to celebrate on May 19th the Fort Chaffee Redevelop Authority voted to .....


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Lawrence Harville


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